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Moonlit Shawl

It's time to release my brand new pattern, always an exciting day!
I have been a little obsessed with this lovely slender, gently curving, crescent shape just lately.  It strikes me as a most perfect shawl shape as it wraps around beautifully and yet doesn't hang too low, as some of the larger triangle style ones can do.
It makes it a bit more versatile and easy to wear I think and I find myself wanting something that's a little more suitable for a variety of weathers.

There was a lot of trial and error on this one.  I wanted to avoid that straight inside edge that can be a little awkward to style and instead aim for a nice natural, sweeping shape to make it as easy as possible to drape around the neck.  So there was a lot of ripping back and tinkering to get just the nice curvy shape that I wanted but I am so, so pleased with how it turned out in the end.
The other 'big idea' I was going for with this shawl was to have something that could be made out of either 4…

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